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Regina Academies – Part of the National Return to Classical Education

Answering the call from St. John Paul II to join the New Evangelization, the Regina Academies were founded in 2003 by laity who recognized the distinctive merits of Catholic classical education – the same education that produced some of the greatest minds in Western Civilization. Through the stages of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric), students are challenged to achieve their academic potential as they become the thinkers and articulate leaders of the future!

They are inspired to learn from dedicated and outstanding teachers who serve as role models. At the Regina Academies, the teaching that beauty, truth and wisdom are an important part of the curriculum is integrated with the Teachings of the Catholic faith.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia agrees and he expresses those sentiments again with a special urgency for the revival of Catholic Education in his new book Strangers in a Strange Land (2017).

The courses offered provide the students with the tools for learning to enable them to acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills, developing them into lifelong learners and impacting them as future leaders.  Visit our websites, talk to our parents and Headmasters and find out why the Regina Academies are making a difference.

Join the Regina Movement and discover a new model for Catholic Education

Upcoming Open House Events – Call to arrange a private tour

Visit Academy websites above for Open House schedules or call these numbers to talk to the Headmaster at the school closest to you:

• Regina Angelorum Academy – (610) 649-1730
• Regina Luminis Academy – (610) 269-3905
• Regina Coeli Academy – (215) 277-1386
• The Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist – (610) 847-5523
• Regina Chesterton Academy at Cardinal O’Hara High School – (610) 544-3800 ext. 1817, Andrew Youngblood, Director,

Classical Education, The Un-Common Core



Time-tested, Does not “teach to a test”
Fosters “love of   learning”
Aims for mastery of reading, writing and mathematics
Knowledge of classical languages increases English vocabulary
Logic teaches how to think critically and to reason

Grammar Stage

Grammar Stage

Grades K – 6
Focus on memorization
Chants, Songs, Rhythmic Verse
Enormous amount of information retained for a lifetime

Logic Stage

Logic Stage

Grades 7, 8
Argumentative phase in life
Ability to draw conclusions from series of facts begins to develop
Students taught formal logic, reasoning skills

Rhetoric Stage

Rhetoric Stage

High School
Students learn to speak and write well
Students learn to relate to their audience with clarity and persuasion

Characteristics of the Regina Academies

Small Class Sizes
Individualized Attention
Saxon Math

Shurley English
Latin, Grades 1 – 8
Greek, Grades 7 – 8

Great Books
Montessori based Pre-K

Scores 1-2 years above grade level on national tests
Archdiocesan Art Awards
Like-minded Families

Track The Growth of Classical Education across the United States

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